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does someone here know what kind of bread this is?

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does someone here know what kind of bread this is?


i think this kind of bread is my favorite for burgers and pulled pork sandwiches and i would like to learn to make these. anyone know?





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That might give a clue!  Looks like a nice chewy crust!  French roll perhaps?


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  I'll guess... Kaiser roll?


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My guess is brioche roll with an egg wash.

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Mini Oven

by the looks of the toasted insides... almost burnt.  Browns very quickly.

The little flecks on the surface could be cheese, potato or even onion.

As you have tried it, what do you think it is?

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it sounds like a brioche bun. since ive never made one, its just a guess. typing up brioche bun into google images seems to return simliar images. the picture came from a blog post where the authur posted photos of his favorite burgers. he didnt give details about the burger though.

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No- but it is making me hungry!

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It could be a brioche bun...

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Koloatree, you say you think it is like your favorite bread for burgers, etc.

Is "your favorite" bun soft and fluffy, or somewhat crusty and chewy?

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hi, i prefer somewhat crusty and chewy. the soft and fluffy breads(like the one pictured below) remind me of wonderbread. im not a big fan of burgerking/inout/5guys/mcDs.this weekend, ill try some brioche bun recipes like this one


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It's probably anybody's guess as to what you originally posted. My first thought was of a kaiser or hard roll; somewhat crusty and chewy.

Brioche, although more substantial than mass produced burger buns, are on the softer, and somewhat fluffier side.

Although it's obviously not in the traditional kaiser shape, your pictured bun reminded me of this post about the BBA Kaiser:

You might also do a search here for Norm's kaiser/onion rolls, which seem to have a following here.

You can do an internet search for the recipe for Reinhart's BBA Kaiser.

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To me it looks like a kummelweck.  If you google it you will get a description and somewhere I found a recipe for it.  Will have to look it up now.  Good stuff.        has 2 recipes for kummelweck rolls.

My dad was a baker and he used to make an onion Kaiser roll with salt on the top that we used for burgers.  Never found anything I liked better than that.