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Sourdough rolls

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Sourdough rolls

I derived this formula by combining from several sources and doing some rounding.


3 ounces starter (100 % hydration)

8 ounces KA AP flour

8 ounces water

Mix and let stand overnight



12 1/2 ounces flour

5 1/2 ounces water

2 t salt

1t yeast

68% hydration

Mix in bowl and let stand for 30 minutes. Knead and rest, knead and rest; for a while.  I lost track.

Let rise in bowl for an hour, fold let rise another 2 hours.  Form rolls, let rise 1 1/2 hours.

Bake at 450.

I think they came out ok, I was hoping for a more open crumb.  At least I have reached the enviable beginners stage where the mistakes are edible.  The last sourdough bread went into the trash. 

After eating a test bread the rest went in the freezer. We will split one every night for our dinner next week.  I normally reheat 10-15 minutes in a 350 oven. 

I debated until the last second about adding the yeast.  The preferment was working nicely but I chickened out.

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I've got a batch of these now on theirfirst proof...will update a bit later on howthey turned out!