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Sourdough biscuit

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Sourdough biscuit

Continuing the theme of using leftover starter:

This morning I added 3 ounces each of flour and water to 3 ounces of starter.  This evening I used 3 ounces to make a preferment for tommorow's bread.  I retained 2 ounces of starter, fed it and put it in the refrigerator. 

The rest of the starter I mixed with Bisquick until I had a "drop biscuit" like consistancy. Plopped it onto the spider and smoothed it out with the back of a wet spoon.  I put it straight into the oven at 450.  The main purpose was to have the biscuit to make bread pudding  (see off topic post if interested) but it wouldn't do not to test it before going to all that trouble.

A little butter and orange marmalade for me and grape jelly for my wife.  It was truely delicious.  The crust was nice and crispy.

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It looks delicious

Let us also know how the bread pudding turned out:)