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Poolish Ready ... Baker Not

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Poolish Ready ... Baker Not

I need some help here ... I made a nice beer poolish last night with the intention of baking a loaf today.  Well, things got in the way and the loaf just ain't getting baked until at least tomorrow.  The quesiton is: how long will a poolish sit happily in the refrigerator before it gives up the ghost and refuses to play the game anymore? 

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I think the more knowledgeable/professional bakers here, like dghdctr, would tell you to just chuck it and start over when you are ready.  I'm thinking of his comment on this thread here.

Dopes like myself wonder if you could make the final dough tonight, immediately refrigerate it, and only pull it out in a day or two a couple of hours before you are ready to bake it.  I don't know for sure that it is a good idea... but it seems like it could work.  Certainly worth a shot if you have the time to make the final dough tonight.