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New from PDX

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French Foodie

New from PDX

Hello everyone.  I'm relatively new to baking breads (a couple successful loaves thus far).  I've already started nurturing my own sourdough starter following the pineapple juice method.  It's a bit over a week old now.  I've been drawn to the obsessiveness of baking bread largely due to health and taste reasons.  I just got tired of store bought bread and the slight chemical tastes in them.  Does anyone have any good tried and true whole wheat and white sandwich bread recipes?  My wife and I probably go through a store bought loaf every two weeks.  Would it be best to maybe bake one loaf a week and freeze half of it and then refresh it when needed?  Does the flavor/freshness of the revived bread still beat store bought bread?  Thanks for all of the help, and I look forward to learning with everyone here.

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Welcome to TFL, FF.

Oh yes, those plastic bags of chemical-laden fluff on the market shelves are quite dreadful, aren't they?  

There are loads of whole wheat, wheat, rye, spelt, sourdough, etc. recipes here.  Just browse around, especially the blogs.  You'll find so many great recipes that you'll create your own bread bucket list.

What works for me is baking two small boules or batards.  Freeze one and eat the other.  If you freeze the bread immediately after it's cooled (and wrap it well), it will be excellent once thawed.  

I personally think a loaf of stale home baked bread tastes better than the freshly bleached, bromated garbage on the market shelves.

Just be certain you use unbleached, unbromated flour - and have fun!