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Dark Rye SD Bread

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Dark Rye SD Bread

Has anyone used black food grade coloring, in place of cocoa or coffee, to get the black color?  Would the food dye kill the SD beasties?


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Mini Oven

Don't know what I would do with that dark matter.   I try to stick to natural ingredients and natural ways of getting the dark color in my food.   I don't even like the idea of putting dyes in bread or food.   It's artificial.   

Serve your rye on a white plate, then it will look darker!


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darkness comes with a long cooking at low temperatures (max 150C)

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sourdough greg

I've used caramel coloring. Bought a small bottle in an asian food store. You can also melt/cook/burn sugar in a pan on the stove and use that to darken your rye. I've also done that. I don't remember specifics re: high heat vs.low heat, etc. but you could probably google it. 

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... use whole grain dark rye flour. you won't need artificial coloring of any kind.

Stan Ginsberg