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Any saga you may have gone through trying to create a new starter

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Any saga you may have gone through trying to create a new starter

Recent humourous and downright slap-stick tragic events have led me to ask all our fellow sourdough addicts  -  What is the most weird/funny/tragic/humourous/sad/outrageous/unfathomable etc,etc, events that you have experienced or done while trying to get a new starter up and running?  Especially given all the time and dutiful care we give to nurturing a new culture from flour and water. What is the silliest or most tragic thing you did that killed off your starter before it had time to say it's first bubble?

When I pluck up enough courage..........I'll tell you the sequence of things I did!  (Laugh!)

Comedy/Tragedy/Melodrama awaits!



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Mini Oven

look up:  feed it a dead chicken!

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ROFL.  Thanks!

NB: attempt #4 hit the dust yesterday!

I'm able to begin a new starter reliably & easily.  Just lately though.........................................................................


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Um, hmmmm.  Maybe you should try an air plant instead?  ;o)  (Sez the lady who is known to have a "black thumb"--I don't garden, I commit planticide!  I can't even keep a silk plant alive).

Have you had a starter and maintained it over time?  Or do you only get so far and then it fails?  If the latter, are you SURE they are dead? 

Baby starters are sneaky!  They can look dead to the world, but most of the time they are really fine.  They are just playing hide and seek. 

If you want to post what's happening, maybe we can help.  Wear a moustache so we don't recognize you ;o)

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~ Thanks! ~    (wearing 2 moustaches.........just in case.......)

Culture-cide seems to be my thing at the moment!!  This is highly unusual for me, but its providing some headshaking/disbelief-infused amusement.....on some level! :-)

To date I have inadvertantly and unwittingly assassinated 8...yes, 8! newly activated cultures! Sigh!   The last two I killed off simultaneously!

We won't even mention the one I put my foot in!!  Yes.......... I literally put my foot through the plastic wrap and intoooooooooo the bowl!  but we won't dwell on that. 

I think I currently have the following problems:

1) I miss my beautiful 'former' starter.  She's resting peacefully in the compost.

2) I wanted to begin a new starter too badly.

3) My oven light globe has died. This globe has been the secret to my success with beginning new starters and proofing loaves.  It emitted perfect warmth. It's taking ages for a new one.

4) And finally, I've run out of vitamin B complex supplements and I can't think straight without them!  They're going to take 2 weeks to order

"Stay tuned, Folks, for further installments....!"





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I just had success, using the starter on this site.

It was so easy, my 5 and 7 year old managed it with me reading the instructions to them should be able to use that one as well.

What I saw was different is that Susan feeds it twice a day.  It was ready to use here in 5 days!

The bread is wonderful, we are all addicted.

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Back on track, after so much slapstick-tragedy, and have 12 loaves of Buddye's  Sourdough Banana Bread under my belt to prove it!!!!

This is a lovely loaf and all but 2 loaves have gone to charity.  I included quinoa in many to increase the loave's nutritional value.  A nice improvement which added further sweet nuttiness to this lovely recipe.  The chia seeds though were not necessarily a success with the resulting loaf being too 'gluggy'.  Ok toasted but I wouldn't experiment with chia seeds in such a moist recipe again.

Heaven to have that lovely heart beating away in the fridge again!

Thanks to individuals for their help and encouragement.

 Cheers & kind regards