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Broiled bagels

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Broiled bagels

Has anyone tried putting bagels in broiler for crispyer crust . I have seen 2 recipes that called for placing in broiler. One called for placing in broilier for 1-2 minutes each side before you boil them in water. The other said to broil for a minute or 2 right before baking then continue to bake .Has anyone tried something like this

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i would have to say that the person that made that formula has no idea what a bagel is.

the last few days have been a little crazy so i am sorry for being curt.

but putting a dough under a direct flame or electric heat at full blast at best will  Toast

the bagel and kill the surface yeast preventing the dough from rising. and at worst burn the surface a and leave you with raw dough in the center.

anyway broiling it makes it something elce a bagel it would not be,  like a corn muffin without corn !

what it would  ,more possable than not,  be disposal food 

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I just want do know if anyone has tried anything like that. This doesn't have to turn into a "what is a real bagel discussion". Thats the problem with this site everyone should be more a little more helpful instead of looking down on others that might do things differently. A simple " I never herd of that" or "I don't think it would work" or "it might work" would have sufficed. Most of you need to come down off your high horse.

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Thats the problem with this site everyone should be more a little more helpful instead of looking down on others that might do things differently.

Bobku - I take offense at that.  People on this site are bend-over-backwards helpful 90% of the time but, no, there is no guarantee you'll always get an answer to every question you ask.  You get what you pay for, eh? 

Just because the *first* comment wasn't exactly what you wanted doesn't give you license to lash out at the entire community.  If you aren't happy with the feedback you are getting here, by all means, go elsewhere.

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I don't mind people not answering my questions or asking me to explain what I mean better.  I appreciate everyones help and input. However that is the point, if you can offer advice or explain why you don't think something will work fine. I visit plenty of other forums for different hobbies I'm interested in, asking and giving advice, everyone seems to be eager to help and encourage someone who enjoys the same thing they do, no matter what experience level they are at or whatever kind of question they ask. I view this site often post very little. Not everyone is a master baker and most people are helpful. It just bothers me when I see comments like that. I wouldn't respone to someone in that way and it really serves no purpose.

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You got ONE response, and suddenly everything is pluralized and being responded to like it was multiple times.

Don't slam an entie community just because you didn't like the one single response, which by the way, you got so quickly from the initial posting that most of us hadnt even seen the your question before you'd already alienated everyone else in the community with your remarks.

Honestly, you guys and and bread terminologies... Next time, please direct your ire at the individual not the entire group. Besides, said individual already appears to have realized the initial response was written curtly and has tried to elaborate, my guess is realizing it came across less explanatory than it could have and trying to make amends... Don't forget that there's lots of different cultures on here as well, and there are cases where someone may come across as being abbrasive when they don't mean to be, so you shouldn't always assume someone is just being a jerk (at least not from a single line).

But don't go accusing the entire community of an attitude no one seems to have expressed. The entire reason that this site was created, buildt and maintained, was based on the premise that it's something we can share and learn from, at all levels of experience, precisely because of attitudes you describe. And we moderate those discussions when we see that sort of thing happening too.

Now eveybody take a deep breath ok?

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Never said everyone, in fact I thanked most people on here for their help. This will be my last comment on this. I'll go on from now just viewing not posting. I rather be talking about baking but there seems to be more intrest in this kind of stuff. Yes I got one response I answer it, he apologized. should have been the end of it .Now instead of a response to what I asked about,for the most part I'm being accused of attacking the whole community which I am part of. Instead of saying I was right which is why he apologized and forgetting about it. I'm now being put in the position of defending my self from a comment that someone has apologized for making. This is not the first time I've seen things go down like this here . I'll look for a friendlier community to share my comments. I'm sure I won't be missed

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I'm out too, but I will add that yes, you did say everyone.  Look at the sentence I quoted.  That is what started this thread.

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Mini Oven

I rarely respond to bagel questions because I'm not into bagels.  It's that simple.  I feel contributing to something I know little about is wasting your time, not mine.  So please calm down.  If no one is giving a comment, it is probably due to your presentation.  Too simple and easily overlooked.  I thought the whole time it read "boiled."   It is a rare person indeed that reads all the forum topics and comments and everyone is at freedom to pick and choose.  High horses have nothing to do with it.   

Maybe you should ask a question like...  Anyone heard of Broiled, not boiled Bagels?  You may get more responses.  Edit and see.

I can't help you with the broiling though.  I haven't heard of it.  Have you tried it?  What do you think?


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I'm not concerned about not getting any response. Yours was great you answered my question without tyring to put anyone else down. Its just that I have seen this happen to many times here where people who are maybe very experienced instead of discussing or recomending something are real quick to flip a comment that is really not constructive.

I've made quite a few batches of bagels with great sucess I would just like to see it if I could get crust a little crispier

I boil for about 2 minutes in water with malt powder I've have tried a cooking at a higher temp 450 but I still think they could be crispier

I thing next time I will try some kind of broiling and see what happens

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Again, I disagree.  New bakers are always welcome here.  We have bread machine users, NY Times bread in a pot bakers, whole grain nuts, grandmothers who've been baking at home for 30 years, professional bakers, culinary students... many different bakers from many walks of life. 

Nbicomputers is a former professional baker and may have been a little short with you.  He has sinced apologized.  But I haven't seen new bakers getting cut down right and left here.  If I did I would intervene.  Instead what I usually see is that a new baker asks a "simple" question and get ten different answers.  That can be confusing and frustrating, but unfortunately it is in the nature of baking that there is more than one right way to do most everything.  And it isn't meant as an insult or a put down, it just means we all have our favorite way of doing something.

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I'll have to say that I never heard of such a thing.  It seems like it would detract from rather than enhance the crust.

One thing that I found elevated the crust experience on my bagels was to actually construct bagel boards - boards cut about bagel wide and long enough to fit in the oven.  These are then covered with linen.  They are soaked in water and the just boiled bagels are laid on the board topside down.  The boards are placed in the oven and after a few minutes, the bagels are flipped onto the baking stone to finish baking.  I'm bad at writing instructions, but there are more complete ones in many baking books.

I've been reminded yet again by someone who should know that proper fermentation is what yields crispness in the crust - no matter what the product.  I think about this a lot.

Hope this is helpful.

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Suddenly, in my search for a soft bagel recipe, I keep coming across this broiled bagel recipe. Pictures included: