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Yeast Free Breads

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Yeast Free Breads

Does anyone know how a bread rise without yeast? Is the yeast free bread more healthier? Do you have a recipe and methods of the yeast free  bread?

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If so, then look up sourdough here.  There are some excellent entries about starting a starter and making sourdough bread.  But if you mean yeast free as in commercial and wild yeast free, then all I could know is quick bread recipes.

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Darth Lefty

What's wrong with yeast?

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Om Nom Nom

There are some who must avoid yeast due to health issues.

I avoid making yeast breads because when I make them, they make me sick every time.  (I don't have a problem with commercially available breads though, which is odd, considering.)

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Yeast free breads would be leavened by chemical methods such as baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)  - like Irish soda bread.


They tend to get stale pretty quickly, though - I like them, but nothing beats bread made with a nice, active, bubbly yeast culture, the wilder the better

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true yeast free breads are quick breads such as southern corn bread and the not so quick boston brown bread  (1 to 2 hour baking time)

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The only non-chemically leavened but yeast free bread that I can think of right off hand would be a real salt-rising bread which does not use a yeast fungi to generate the necessary gas.  I've read about it, but have never tried it myself.

Sourdough usually doesn't have the same species of yeast in it that is commercial baking yeast, but it's still a sacchromyces species so far as I've read.