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Pizza dough flavor

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Pizza dough flavor

Hi Folks, what is pizzadough flavor? Recipe calling for 2 tablespoons, also says optional. What would be a good substitute? Thanks


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Hi Ray,

I tried something that sounds like that a few years back. Instructions were to add a certain (teas/tablsp?)  amount in ratio to each cup of flour. It's an additive made up of dried powdered cheese, the usual types for pizza (parmesian, fontina, asiago) garlic powder and herbs. Personally I don't think it's worth bothering with. You could easily add small amounts of the same things in your dough. But be sure to use small amounts. I think it would work best in medium thick crusts. I remember that the super thin crispy crust I make seemed to be tougher, less airy when I used the additive, that's why I don't bother with it. It was kind of nice in foccacio, but like I suggested now I just throw in some parm & oregano on my own if I feel the urge ( I keep the garlic for the topping). It is very optional, not that impressive and mostly gets in the way of your crust taste.

LOL I just realized that it's been a long time since I made those crispy guys. My concentration goes in waves with pizza. I get stuck on liking one kind for about 6mo. then leap into another. The LOL is because this morning I got a lovely 9" Deep Dish pan. Guess I'm off in a new venture. I'm in Chicago so this a replicate Pizzaria Uno's thing (that's the original and ONLY deep dish that counts).

Enjoy your pie! Good luck and...Bake on!


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Do you happen to know if Garcia's Flying Tomato Pizza is still around?  Or maybe they were just around Rantoul and Champagne-Urbana, not Chicago... But I always liked their deep-dish pizzas.  They used to use bright red Gremlins (the car) with a big plastic (lighted at night) tomato stem mounted on top of the car for delivery...  Ahhhh, memories!  (This was 25+ years ago, I hate to have to admit...)