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Hoska and/or rollaki

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Hoska and/or rollaki

Hi all!

As the weather is turning I remember from growing up some delicious treats that my grandmother used to make.  I believe they are danish recipes, the first is Hoska a holiday loaf, enriched white loaf with dried fruit bits and cardamum seed, and rollaki (roll-a-key), which is the same dough made into crescent shaped rolls, but without the fruit bits or cardamum.

Has anyone ever heard of these?  The rollaki term may be made up, especially the pronunciation.  I will dig around for the recipe and post it, but, I would love to compare notes with anyone who has heard of these.  The shame is, no one in the family can make it the same as my grandmother used to, my aunt comes pretty close, my mom doesn't (o:


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Mini Oven

???  Mini

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I believe the Hoska (Houska) is Czech.  Seems to me that it's very much like a Challah.  I've seen the recipe in various places on the web but never tried it.  Perhaps you could Google it and use the basic dough formula to prepare the "Rollaki"?

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Bernard Clayton's, Breads of the World...something like, that book has a recipe for Hoska...the book is written in standard volume measures, but I think it was a Swedish recipe.  No reference in there to the other types you mentioned,


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try : or eastern european websides. Hoska (houska) and rollaki (rohliky)