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Freezing After Primary Fermentation

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Neil C

Freezing After Primary Fermentation


Does anyone have experience and/or advice freezing dough after the bulk (primary) fermentation?

My recipes are usually typical French, beginning with a Pate Fermentee or a Poolish and a somewhat slow fermentation process at about 60 degrees.  Getting a truly accented nutty flavor seems to allude me.

Would appreciate any and all suggestions.


Neil (Denver)

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Neil,  The only dough I have experience freezing after a bulk fermentation is my pizza dough and it freezes great and makes lovely pizza's. 

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My Mom worked in a restuarant and made sweet rolls. After filling and making a roll and before slicing into pcs..she froze it, then took it out warmed until she could slice it, put the rolls on a cookie sheet and let proof, then baked. I tried this but my roll proofed in the freezer slightly before freezing solid. They baked up great tho, so try it!