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Floyd's birthday cake

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Floyd's birthday cake

First belated Birthday greetings to you....

 Talking about the Guinness chocolate cake and the cocoa/ chocolate I use in it.

Maybe I should start off saying that I am a bit of a pakrat. ;-))))

 I have this sort of built in fear that I might run out of some thing.

Many, many years ago I bought three 1 pound sealed cans of Van Houton cocoa. it's dark cocoa. Price on bottom of can is $ 1 .65c

I just Googled it and it was $ 25. 95c

  Seeing as I don't use much of it  I still have a couple cans left sealed. the one I am useing the contents are fine.

     The actual chocolate I use is German dark chocolate that I bought in a German deli, again I bought several they were 14 ounces bars. I keep them in the freezer untill I want to grate some for 'the' cake.

 I suppose a lot of tjhis hoading comes from growing up in London, UK in WW11.


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its too bad that now $25.95 buys less than 1.65 bought then.