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Sicilian Bread and Whole Foods

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Sicilian Bread and Whole Foods

Whole Foods had a bread that reminded me of a Panettone but it was just in a bowl shape.

It was called Sicilian Bread.

Does anyone know if it is the same, but made in a bowl shape?



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Do you mean it was shaped in a boule? If so, then yes, Sicilian bread is sometimes shaped in a boule. I guess it wouldn't even be to difficult to shape as a bowl if one so desired. At least I have seen one example:

No knead sicilian, recipe and video:

As far as it resembling Panettone, maybe because it had a yellow crumb? I have seen some Sicilian recipes that use semolina(durum) and that often makes a yellow crumb.

Panettone is a more enriched dough, like brioche and challah, with the yellow crumb resulting from eggs, and/or sometimes  butter, etc.