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Hello from Folsom, CA

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Darth Lefty

Hello from Folsom, CA

Hello everyone, nice site you have here.

I'm an engineer and a home brewer.  I'm baking more and more on my own due to a health problem that's forced me to control my diet.

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I am on a low salt diet and avoid refined sugar. My choices. I can "tweak" almost any bread recipe to meet my needs. You may have to do some research to see how your changes may effect the final product. Best of luck and enjoy your baking.

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in the Lodi area, and Welcome!  What kind of baking are you most interested in, dry yeast, or natural ferments?  Sorry (grins) to hear you are getting into baking.  I'd love to meet a good home brewer who wants to trade baked bread for "brewed bread" now and then.

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Loves To Cook

Hello, All!

I'm a newbie from Rocklin, so if any locals (Folsom or Lodi)  need a shoulder to cry on or an audience to appreciate achievements...I'm willing to reciprocate if you are!  I also have a friend who is diabetic, so would be very interested in learning more about alterations I could make to allow him to enjoy wonderful breads more often!