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seeking tomato/basil bread...

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seeking tomato/basil bread...

just had a friend request a tomato basil bread...she tasted one from a bakery a while back and wondered if I'd be game to try to make one (of course:)  Anybody out there made anything like this lately?  She also mentioned it was somewhat the texture of french bread, with tomatoes, basil and also some cheddar...she said it looked a bit marbled from the cheese? would be fun to hear if anybody has some ideas for me....

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 I make a tomatoe, basil and cheese pie with a buttermilk crust,  it's very nice.

 I also have recipe for tomatoe bread, also nice. Although I have never done it but it would be worth a try to put basil and cheese in it.....

 will try it next time I bake..... qahtan


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I made something similar some time back, but it was just something I threw together because I had an excess of fresh tomatoes and basil. I used a combination of Yellow Perfection and First Lady tomatoes and my standard "French" bread recipe. It was quite yummy with a slight tartness to it! I used chiffonade basil and diced the tomatoes.I don't recall using any cheese, but if I make it again, I will probably use fresh mozzarella to get a bit of the "Caprese Salad" taste to it!

If you make it, let me know how it turns out!



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did you mix your basil chiffonade and tomatoes directly into the dough? sprinkle on top of flattened dough and then roll up?  knead in after fermentation? that's actually what i've been debating about the most...thanks........p.s. also considering using sun-dried tomatoes..hopefully that would help negate the problem of introducing too much added moisture via the tomatoes

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I made tomato basil parmesan bagels before.  Dice up about an ounce of sun dried tomatoes and 1 teaspoon basil per pound of flour.  I put the cheese on as a topping for the bagels, no idea how they would work in the bread.