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Twenty Lessons in Domestic Science | How to clean off the dough

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Twenty Lessons in Domestic Science | How to clean off the dough

A while back a post was made inquiring for the best way to clean dough off of the bowls and utensils.

My father-in-law is in town for a visit and brought with him many family heirlooms, photos and such—one of which is a book copyrighted in 1916 entitled "Twenty Lessons in Domestic Science" by Marian Cole Fisher.

Lesson No. 20, Dish Washing

"Dishes with egg or dough adhering to them should be put to soak in cold water."





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Good advice....I've found that soaking cures about every dishwashing obstacle.  Even rice stuck to the pan comes away easily.

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While soaking helps a great deal -- the one tool I would not want to be without for clean up on my Bosch Mixer is a Tooth Brush.  Works great on the center post, and the splash ring.  Then you have to soak the tooth brush :-)


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Then you have to soak the tooth brush 

No need to soak the brush if you have a rubber sink mat like this:


Just rub the dough-filled bristles of the brush a few times across the holes of the mat.  The dough easily comes off and can be wiped up with a paper towel.

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cold water soaking it is. Thank you, marc. I bet it is a lot of fun to go through old books and pictures, how nice to have had your FIL in town.  I found a new hand brush which I now use exclusively to help the stubborn dough. I later put the hand brush into the dishwasher.