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Fermented fruit ciabatta

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Fermented fruit ciabatta

Has anyone tried making some of Farine's fermented fruit ciabatta?  I tried a batch last week and hade a great time making some fermented apple juice, but it still didn't impart very much apple flavor to the ciabatta.  I'm wondering if anyone has experience making a stronger fruit ferment.  Here's how my apple hooch looks now:


apple ferment


I let it go for around 5 days, used most of the liquid, then refreshed it with more water and sugar.  After another three days, it has gotten so bubbly that I have to open the bottles slowly.  I put it in the fridge to slow down co2 production.  But I never added yeast to it, just sugar and water.  Here are my adventures with making it, and there is more here on my blog on the ciabatta itself (just scroll down for pics and description).

Thanks to Farine for the great idea.  Now I have ideas bubbling up in my head for more fruit breads.