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comparison of protein content in flour

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comparison of protein content in flour

has anyone posted a comparison of various protein percentages in different brands/types of flour?  KA flour lists theirs, but many companies do not...I would really appreciate it if anyone here has some resources for would certainly be helpful when comparing different "bread book" authors and which flours they use in their recipes....thanks!     cathy in WI

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Most of the ones I see list a serving size of 30 grams and protein content per serving of either 3 or 4 grams.

3 grams per serving is 10% protein and 4 grams per serving is 13.3% protein.

That being said, these numbers are clearly not very precise.  These end up being ranges, i.e., 13.3 probably means in the range of 12% to 14%, and 10% probably means 9% to 12%.

The maker's web sites may have more info.


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guess i'll have to do a little more digging....i was aware of the "rough" percentages" but as you mentioned there's quite a lot of variance in 3-4 grams..

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Well, since there don't seem to be many known studies, here's limited and somewhat dated comparison that I sometimes reference:

Bread Flours: Baking Characteristics

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that their protein percentages are 11.7 for
all-purpose and 12.7 for bread flour, even though both packages say

4g in 30.