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Cinnabun can bite me

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KansasGirlStuckInMaryland's picture

Cinnabun can bite me

I got this recipe off of TFL, I think it is zolablue's.  Made with mashed potatoes and used the potato water.

OMIGOD these are good!!!!

Just baked

Just out of the oven and waiting for the icing.

Iced with a vanilla cream cheese icing and sprinkled with extra cinnamon chips.  Melt in the mouth tender and heaven on a plate.

One of these and your favorite hot drink in the morning makes a wonderful breakfast.

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When you make cinnamon rolls using mashed potatoes, do you use left over mashed potatoes (which already have some degree of hydration in the form of the liquid and fat used to prepare them originally) or do you simply cook and mash potatoes without adding liquid?

KansasGirlStuckInMaryland's picture

I have done it both ways.  This time I made real mashed potatoes (scalded milk and a bit of butter and I salted the water for cooking).  I think the real mashed is the way to go.  Just a touch more flavor.  I made the potatoes just for this recipe though.  One good sized Idaho baking potato provided enough for the recipe and a couple of extra spoonfuls for the chef :-).

This is an incredibly slack dough and a bit of a mess when kneading as you don't want to add too much flour, but the effort is so worth it.

I reheated one this morning (one minute in the microwave) and it was warm and tender again after a night in the refrigerator.

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If you can. I have not been able to find the thread.

They do look delicious. I also like the way they are only two-wide in the pan. That's the way I have settled on baking mine. Not that I bake them too often. Seems to solve the problem of the inner rolls not cooking the same as the outer rolls. Is tthat why you bake them two-wide? Or is that just a small pan you have pictured?

Thank you.

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If you search for "cinnamon rolls", it's the first page that pops up and hers is the second recipe down on that thread.  Hopefully this link works.

Her recipe makes 12 huge rolls, and that's probably why they're only 2-wide in the pan.

Hope that helps!

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In both cases. Thank you.