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Hello from Spain!

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La masa

Hello from Spain!

Hello all, I've been a long time lurker here, and at last I decided to join this community.

I've been baking for 2 or 3 years with more or less success, but now I'm getting consistently good results.

I bake mostly sourdough, and my everyday loaf recipe is:

190 gr whole rye starter (100%)

450 gr high gluten flour

270 gr water (68%)

8 gr salt

1/2 tsp (3 gr, more or less) home made wheat diastatic malt


This is the result, a bread I really like:



I've tried other recipes, yeasted white breads, sweet breads, but this is the one I always come back to. Hope you like it.

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Hello to Spain!  In your recipe one ingredient listed is whole rye starter.  Is this just rye flour or can you explain?  Also what is wheat diastatic malt and is it known by another name or can I get it here in the States?  We have visited your country and love the people.  A few years ago we stayed in Peniscola... and traveled to Barcelona and Valencia.  We will be back!  We loved it!  Thank you for any reply you can give !!

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La masa

Hello Barbiedoll, glad you liked my country :-)

A starter is a dough with bacteria and yeasts thriving in it.

A natural sourdough starter is made "breeding" the natural occurring bacteria and yeasts present in the flour. Goggle "sourdough starter" and you'll find lots of pages about how to start a starter.

Diastatic malt is sprouted grain (I use wheat) dried on a low heat and ground. It has the ability of converting part of the starch in the simple sugars that yeast like. It's not an essential ingredient in bread making, but I like the punch it gives to the yeasts.

It's hard to find here, so I make my own malt sprouting, drying and grinding wheat berries. It's really easy.

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Welcome to TFL! I did the same, I lurked for a long, long time (after registering though) before I posted anything.

Your bread is beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing more of your creations!

I was in Barcelona this past summer - even though I had been there before, I totally fell in love with this city this time.

Hasta luego!

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La masa

Thanks for your welcome chouette.

I like Bercelona too. Maybe you had the fortune to find a llonguet during your visit.

It's a traditional bread from Barcelona, not too common to find nowadays, formed in a very peculiar way. The dough is folded, rolled to form  a tight cilynder, and cut in pieces.

The result is a surprising loaf, light and airy.

There are two entries about it on a blog I like to visit:

It's in Spanish, but there are lots of pics.