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"Little Women" bread

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"Little Women" bread

This is a crazy question, but has anyone seen "Little Women" the movie? It's the one with Wynona Ryder in it, made in the 90's. Anyway, at their Christmas morning breakfast table, they had a shiny loaf, shaped (sortof) into a tight coronne (no hole in the middle though) with an orange on top in the middle. Anyone remember that?  

I'm trying to recreate that bread but can't seem to find anywhere that addresses what type of bread it was. I tried shaping challah the same way but it wasn't the same.

It was golden brown and shiny and apparently easily shapable. The movie paid close attention to detail, so I'm wondering what sort of late 1800's sort of bread it was.

Any ideas?

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Mini Oven

with trivia Q's? 

I know that oranges were very valuable back then.  Waxed orange blossoms were used in bridal vails and passed down for generations. They were available only at Christmas time.

Later, the unvarnished wood protecting the fruit or the orange crates were turned into small pieces of furniture.  I can even remember my orange crate night stand with its little glass knobs but it never smelled like oranges.  Just having one around sure ment something to the older folks.  Funny, they still refer to them fondly as just "orange crates."   We certainly take our oranges for granted these days and can get them all year long.

Maybe the orange is more important than the object the orange was nestled in. 


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Thanks for getting back to me Mini. I knew my question was a long shot. 

Ah oranges though, yes- I think the point is that oranges used to be such a treat. My parents gave us kids little oranges and nuts in our Christmas stockings. My children will be getting the same :-) Oranges are a treat. 

I will probably just use a sweet dough to make a simple round shape and put an orange on top. Should be simple and festive on the Christmas dinner table this year.