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Did I kill it?

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Did I kill it?

I am attempting Glezer's firm sourdough starter.  This is week 1 and I was supposed to refresh it last evening and forgot.  I took care of it first thing this morning and it had a rather pleasant sour smell.  Do you think I'm okay or should I start over and hang the schedule around my neck.  Thanks.


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Keep going, the starter isn't watching the clock.

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Thank you, Thank you.  I'm trying so hard to learn to work with sourdough.  I want to make the ciabatta with firm starter when my new baby is ready.

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I too am new to starters and am currently working with 2 of them! You will find, as I am, that sourdough is EXTREMELY forgiving....just think about our ancestors and traveling from one part of the country to the other...they kept a starter....I just LOVE that!!
Good luck and DO post some pics when you start baking! I made some English Muffins earlier this week for the first time ever, (and I have been baking 35 years) WITHOUT yeast!! ONLY my sourdough starter!! I was so excited, I sent my daughters and friends a message on Facebook about it!!!