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Sourdough Miche

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Sourdough Miche

Here are the loaves I'm currently working on:

I used:

150g 1:2:1 starter - Dulce (3 days after feeding)
50g 2:4:5 starter - Blarf (14 hours after feeding)
1085 Giusto Ultimate Performer (high gluten flour)
721g water
24g salt

I fermented for 5 hours.
Shaped 2 1000g boules and proofed for 4 hours.
Baked for 34 minutes at 475 with 3/4 cup steam.


 on Twitpic
 on Twitpic

The loaves were definitely underproofed, and barely rose. I would use more active starters next time. They also almost stuck to the coiled wicker basket, and were difficult to remove. I want to increase the hydration a bit, but that means I will have to proof for less time.

Let me know what you think.

Danny - Sour Flour

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Those look great!  I've been following your progress (since it kind of parallels mine) and your baking seems to improve every time you post.

On the subject of starters, I definitely saw a huge improvement when I made sure to feed my starter regularly for at least two days ahead of the baking day.  I have a 100% starter and I get the best results when it actually reaches a frothy stage, not just bubbly.  It looks almost as if it has soap bubbles in places.  I'll send you a photo next time I get it to that point.

Despite the sticking, your brotform markings look great to me.  I haven't had any sticking since I started using rice flour due to the multitude of suggestions to use it from other TFL members.


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cake diva


My dream is to be able to make a miche that comes close to the one I had at Tartine.  I'd like to try your recipe.  Can you tell me what the rationale is for using 2 starters?  Thanks.