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Italian 00 flour-Chicago sources

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sourdough greg

Italian 00 flour-Chicago sources

I thought I remembered someone looking for a source in the Chicago area. Caputo's (Italian) grocery stores carry it, and inexpensive, too. Only $2.59 a kilo, (2.2 lbs). Sure beats $4.00 and up plus shipping (never cheap for heavier things like many pounds of flour). They also carry about a gazillion (estimate only) types of canned tomato products, from the San Marzano ($4.59 a can. Yikes!) to reasonably priced options. I bought the 6 in 1 brand for $1.79, and used it to make one of Reinhart's sauce recipes. Excellente! There are several Caputo's locations, too. 

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If you are from the Tri-state area (Mi, In, Ill.) you may find that "Gordon Food Service" (GFS) in you area carries No.10 can of 6 in 1 tomato product.  I buy 6 or more a year there.  I buy my flour there as well.  And don't forget the parchment, it's cheaper there than anywhere else that I have found

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Do you need to have a business to purchase from GFS?  I'm looking to order some bread bags, as well as styrofoam trays for danishes.





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GFS sells to the public at their "Market Place" no memberships or business licenses needed.  I do miss them being handy in the Metro Detroit area.  It is about a 100 mile trip to the nearest one for me here in FL.  They built a distribution center near me.......  but it doesn't have a Market Place. 

I went to their store in Clearwater FL a month or so ago and bought parchment paper.  They sell it 2 ways, in a big box (more than I'd use in a lifetime) and in packs of 50 full page packs.  I bought the packs of 50 and cut the sheets in 1/2 which works fantastic for me.


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I'm looking for a source to purchase this flour in the Kansas City, Mo. area, please if anyone knows let me know! thanks

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To find a source/distributor in your area, you might want to Google the main North American importer: Olando Foods.  They're located, I think, in Newark, NJ.