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Pear Bread?? Looking for idea's

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Pear Bread?? Looking for idea's

My neighbor has asked me if i could make "a bread or something" with pears from her tree. I offered to make some  tarts using a croissant dough but she is having guests Sunday and there's no time for that.

Has anyone ever made a bread with fresh pears? This woman has been a wonderful neighbor and I would really like to do this for her. Any ideas at all would be helpful. Something that would lend itself to individual servings might be nice.

Thanks so much.


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Cook some peeled pears down into a spicy sauce, like applesauce, let it simmer a while to thicken up.  Make up a quick bread using a recipe for pumpkin bread (lots of them on the internet.)  Bake it in mini loaf pans, or better yet, in soup cans, to make small slices.  Then, chop up some marschino cherries (or soaked candied ginger), mix it into some softened cream cheese and use that as filling for tiny sandwiches.  Festive and tasty!  (I do this with zuchinni bread, and it's great.  Pears would work well too, I'm sure.)

It's very nice of you to bake for your neighbor!


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Grate them raw and mix in any quick breads recipe.  There is a good basic one on allrecpes.

I have made these many times.

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I posted this previously. It is a wonderful bread as are most of the ones from this book. I have had it since it was 1st printed. Lots of great and unusual breads.

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Mini Oven

This is for apples but could be used for pears.  Depending on the sweetness cut back sugar.  The pears piled high inside the crust have a chance to dry and brown.  Worth a try.


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thankyou, all. As usual, a plethora of mouthwatering offerings. Ofcourse i'll have to try them all. I finally made a simple pie crust with the addition of a tablespoon of ice wine (from a late season grape), piled on the pears and brought the edges up in rustic fashion leaving center open to highlight the pears. 12 times, for individual servings. yikes. I won't do that again anytime soon! Anyway, the best part was the syrup. 1 part wine, 1/2 part sugar and 1/2 part water. Boiled down to about half. That turned out really well.

thanks again.