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I too had problem with cinnamon buns,, ;-))) ;-)))))

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I too had problem with cinnamon buns,, ;-))) ;-)))))

I have a Kitchenaide Superba oven it has 3 heating elements, the lowest one is under the floor of the oven,, any way,,,,,,,,

I made cinnamon buns, looked good going into the oven nicely puffed  so all was well, untill the brown sugar etc that was/did melt, boiled over out of the pan, all over the floor of the oven, it burnt on contact, thick smoke beltched out of the oven the fire alarm went off, OMG what a shamozze.  the buns wre only partially baked....... :-))))))

 Plus a thick black crust to get off the oven floor.


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   It was a very humid hot day and the baguettes went out past the end of the pans, down the oven and onto the floor of the oven where they burned and made the house smell awful. I had people coming over to get bread that day, so I saved the pretty ones for my customers and met them at the door! LOL! We did without that night!  No smell is harder to get out of the house than burned bread! It seems when you clean and mop the house smells fresh just for a bit, but burn bread and the smell stays for hours. Hmmm?