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Challah on a sunday

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Challah on a sunday

Here is Grandma Rosies Challah, my braiding is very very rusty.

I included a quarter in the picture to convey size, this challah is big at 2kg.  Next time I'll increase the amount of sugar by 50% since I prefer them sweeter.  I'll also decrease the size and make 1/2 rolls and 2 smaller loaves.

Grandma Rosies Challah

For her recipe you can visit the site below.

Thanks for looking.

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If you like a sweeter challah, you might like Beth Hensperger's Sweet Vanilla Challah.


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What a beautiful loaf! I think the braiding looks great!

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very nice loaf. Recipe looks good too. c

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I love to bake and I am not a professional, just a crazy lady who loves to preserve food, bake and try new recipes. This is my Challah "egg bread". I sometimes use raisins and cinnamon and add honey to egg wash...Is this how it's suppose to look? It tastes great!~Lynn