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Did anyone try triticale?

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Did anyone try triticale?


did anyone try to make a bread with triticale? I'd like to read your experiences.

Does it knead easier than rye? and if so how much easier?

Does it taste differently or better than rye?

How much does it resembre hard wheat flour?

Cna you describe your triticale bread?



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link is

She mills triticle grain and uses sifting and remilling to get a high extraction triticale flour that then is used as the flour for a sourdough loaf. Not exactly the same as simply milling 100% whole grain flour from triticale, but she has good observations on this grain and it's baking properties.

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Very interesting. Thanks for the link.

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I used to buy bread made with triticale at Lucky food stores in the early 1990s in the SF Bay Area.  It was the best!  Dark, soft, chewy.  Made the best sandwiches.  If anyone knows where to buy it in the Portland, OR area I would sure love to know.  I've never found anything as good.

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They wouldn't have premade bread, but the main Bob's Red Mill whole grain store is in the Portland area. Unlike those little 24-28 oz bags you see in health food stores, the whole grain store has VERY cheap stuff in bulk bins and also 25 lb bags. I know they have triticale berries and flour. I haven't tried their triticale yet (or any triticale for that matter).

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Pierre Bilodeau

I made 100% triticale bread with integral triticale flour. I used sourdough technique. It is absolutely necessary that acidity is sufficient, unless the dough will not bake at all.

I had a pH-meter for measuring pH directly in the dough, and the dough bake well when the pH is as low as 4,6. At pH 4,7, it doesn't bake.

The bread is somewath heavy but really tastefull, but I did fermentation à 10 C (50 F). When I do fermentation at ambiant temperature, the taste of the bread is not interesting.