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Cuisinart oven

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Cuisinart oven

I am wondering if anyone has any input on the countertop cuisinart ovens. They say you can roast a chicken in one or cook pizza, so I thought it might be a good choice for extra bread baking space too. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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I've been rather curious about those too. The one I happen to keep coming across lately has "brick oven" walls, and a stone.

Haven't read any reviews on it though.

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sheffield (not verified)

This has been the subject of several posts.  Search for cuisinart oven and you will get all posts.


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Thanks I will check it out.

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I remember this subject has come up before. I have been using mine for over a year and it works well. I make whole grain sandwich bread. I tend to keep the temps low on large loafs to keep the tops from burning. The brick oven does not heat my house as much as my regular oven . I also don't get the propane fumes.