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Baking tiles/stones/ slates etc

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Baking tiles/stones/ slates etc


 Is it a good idea to lay tiles, or have slate etc cut to fit your oven, or am I

 missing some thing here, surely some thing that fits the oven shelf will stop the heat from circulating.

                           ???????????? qahtan

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I've always heard that tiles you put on a rack should have an inch or two of space around the edges, for exactly that reason: air circulation.

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Try this for information and a solution.  I was really glad to have found this site and the stone is everything they say it is.  The site has lots of good information including the part about clearance around the stone inside the oven.


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I have a fibrament stone and dispite having enough clearance around the edges I find that things take longer to bake if I don't remove the stone.


Ever since I got it my (don't judge) frozen thin-crust pizza crust won't get crisp.


I baked an apple crisp last week that required 50 more degrees and an additonal 20 minutes to cook through and crisp the crumble crust with the stone in the oven.