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Need some sourdough starter quick!

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Need some sourdough starter quick!

Hi everyone! I've been hiking the Appalachian Trail for the past several months and finally settled down in West Virginia. I'm trying to get a job and have a good chance as a cook and baker BUT the owner wants to taste my breads, and he particularly wants a sourdough bread as a sample. I've successfully made starters before, but I don't have any right now as I just came off the trail. Is there anyone in the area of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia who has some sourdough starter I could pick up? I'm near Charles Town and will be happy to drive to you if you're close enough. This includes parts of Maryland (Baltimore, Frederick, Hagerstown, maybe even as far as Cumberland) and Virginia (Winchester, Leesburg).  And I'll be more than happy to give you some of mine once I get some going.


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let me know what you need.

Stan Ginsberg

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I'll send you some by mail.  I'm in Ontario, but no issues.  It'll get across the border as "toffee candy."  I've done it many times, from Texas to France.  Send me an email with your mailing address.  It'll get done.


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You people are the best!  CJ, I just sent you a private message.


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I got my first starter from Whole Foods supermarket.  It is not "on the shelf",  you have to go back to the bakery section and ask for a container of it.  The last time I went, they charged me $2.00 and I have been using this for the last year.