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I am not very advanced: as my question will indicate. I have two types of cornmeal at home usually: the coarse ground, and the flour. Can I use either one when sprinkling on the peel?  And if the coarse is okay, then are grits okay?  Thank you. 

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Hello, Gunnersbury,  Cornmeal would work the grits for breakfast.  Also the semolina flour works nicely.  You might really like using a piece of parchment paper on your nicely for sliding your loaves into the oven.  You can purchase parchment paper at your local grocer.


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Saving the cornmeal for grits (or fried cornmeal mush) is a great idea.  I hate wasting even the small amount that often gets dumped from the peel after loading the loaf into the oven.

I have become a fan of using parchment paper exclusively; no flour or meal on the peel.  It works great and it doesn't waste perfectly good edible ingredients.

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Dcn Marty

When looking for parchment paper, don't overlook restaurant suppliers. I purchased a box of full-size parchment at a cost far below the grocery store. 

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Thank you, all who have replied.  I am a believer, and will definitely use parchment: sure is cleaner, and will also reduce smoke.