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The bread sticks

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The bread sticks

Dear all.

We have been following your instructions for sourdough full spelt bread which result in very tasty bread.

When using the dutch oven or the ceramic La Cloche approach, the dough sticks to the casserole or the oven.

We preheat the casserole to the high temperature and the hydration is between 60% to 70%.

Any ideas?


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Mini Oven

Maybe it's not done yet?  If it is done, sometimes a little wait is in order. As it cools it will shrink and more likely fall out.  

A good preventitive measure is to lighty flour the bottom of the dough before it hits the casserole or oven.  I like to roll the bottom of the loaf in rolled oats or sesame seeds too.   Some suggest sticking the dough onto baking parchment and then transferring dough and parchment into the oven at the same time. 


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I've done this with both pyrex casseroles and cast iron.  Toss a handful of bran in just before you place the dough in.  It will prevent sticking well.  Only a little bit will stick to the bottom of the loaf, most will brush off.  Don't put the bran in early though, it'll smoke with the high preheat temps.

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doesnt stick even very hydrated dough.  Try it  :)

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Sorry for the silly question, but when do you sprinkle it, just before you put the dough inside the Cloche?

Should all the bottom of the Cloche be covered?



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the dutch oven or cloche. I use cornmeal all the time. Works great with bread, pizza, etc...

Wheat bran is OK, too, but *may* cause burning of crust in 'dark' materials, such as a cast iron dutch oven. It really depends on the actual oven temperature. Do you have a reliable oven thermometer? Your oven may be cooler or hotter than what the dial/temp gauge says.

I've never had sticking problems of dough on hearth-baked or dutch-oven baked breads using cornmeal on the pre-heated surface.

I hope this is helpful.




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I tried the cornmeal and it works like magic!


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I use a Dutch Oven and have never had a bread stick in it.  I do coat the surface with oil or butter before I use it.  The bread just falls out when I remove it from the oven.