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This is my start!

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This is my start!

Well, I'm new - if you can't tell. I just found this page and was absolutely impressed at how much it helped me start expanding my cooking abilities into baking - which has always been a favorite of mine. I'm a 20 year old college junior studying historical interpretation - which has nothing to do with cooking - but I've always enjoyed throwing random things in a pan or pot and seeing what happens when put to heat and stirred.


My big thing has always been cookies, though I wanted ot learn how to make brads and such for a long time. So, when i stumbled across this, I was immensley pleased. All i have to say is I more than welcome any advice on...well....everything to do with baking bread! I'm off now to use the lessons here to make my first loaf! Wish me luck!


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Good luck, Chris! If you've never worked with yeasted dough, don't let a few initial failures bog you down. Keep at it. 


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Thanks! I actually just turned out a very successful (if thick-crusted) whole wheat loaf. It was amazing!

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Hi, Chris.

Welcome to TFL!

You've a great adventure ahead of you. Hope you enjoy the trip.


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Hi Chris,

You remind me of my 21 yr old son who has always loved to experiment in kitchen. I can tell you from personal experience that you'll find here the best advise on bread baking and kindest and most helpful members.

Tereze, Sydney