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In case you missed this entry

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In case you missed this entry

I was reading a post about mixers this morning and came across this last entry:

Originator of this thread Nomadcruiser53,Dave B.

I am the friend whose K5SS Dave Nomadcruiser53 had been borrowing. I am sorry to say Dave will not be returning. He passed away last week of a embalism. I know he enjoyed this site immencely and had become a avid baker. He would wish to thank you for all the help he had received here.

Thought you'd want to know.


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Thank you for sharing the sad news of your friend's passing. We will miss him.


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Sorry to hear the news.

May Dave Rest Peacefully. His contributions will be sadly missed.




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It's sad to lose one of our forum members.  I remember Dave posting about his sourdough starter (Bob) survived home alone when Dave was taking a trip to the BC coast for three weeks.  I happened to have just returned around the same time and was having problems with my own starter.  It was not even a month ago.  He will be missed.

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Thank you for letting us know, Judy.  My condolences to his friends and loved ones.

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He'll be missed.

Thanks for letting us know, Judy. That was very thoughtful.


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Mini Oven

Please accept condolences to you and his friends and his family.


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cake diva

I am very saddened to hear of his passing.  I always appreciated his posts;  I will miss him here.--- cake diva