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Hello from Surrey

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Hello from Surrey

Hi New to the forum. A novice baker from Surrey looking for inspiration to make REAL bread!

Looking forward to networking and sharing ideas!




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hi there in Surrey welcome to TFL from PERTH western australia

lots of really good ideas here to enjoy and share

I used to live in LISS hampshire as a youngster came to AUS

became a baker /bus driver/purchasing officer next stop retirement. 

EVEN  with my background as a professional baker there are things i am picking up and trying from this forum ,some very talented people that are more than happy to share. enjoy they rideand let us know what you are trying next



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Welcome to TFL.  Are you from Surrey, BC or somewhere else?  I am in Alberta, Canada.

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Perhaps Surry, Virginia, USA?

Just pulling your leg.  Welcome to TFL.


now in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA