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pizza crust success - and request for feedback

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pizza crust success - and request for feedback

After a lot of experimenting, I finally found a way to make some really good thin crust / Neopolitan style crust.  This crust is crispy on the outside and still has a moist crumb.  I have a gas oven and set it to 'broil' and put one baking stone on the bottom rack, and another on the rack above it and baked the pizza in between (placed on the bottom stone).  For the first time ever it rose perfectly and cooked wonderfully.  A quick pic here and I'll post the whole process once I do it again and get a better set of pics.  A little more details and some more pics are located on my short blog entry at

So the quesion is: how do I do this better?  Firebricks on either side?  Put the bottom stone on the deck of the oven?


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Would you mind sharing your dough recipe please? The available delivery options here in the woods are limited :)





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Loyd, have you tried the recipes in the Pizza Primer thread here?

Then, I would suggest suggest as the best source for pizza recipes.

Besides those on that page, their forums link(on that page), have dozens of threads with just about any type pizza recipe(with discussions) you would want.

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Your pizza is looking good! In the NY-Neapolitan vein, if I had to categorise it. 

I remember you asked some questions about the pan pizza recipe a month or so ago (answered a few weeks ago - sorry it took so long!).

For neapolitan style, there are several different ways you can approach it in a domestic oven - two stones, broiler, frying pan/skillet (as used by Heston Blumenthal). 

I've tried to cover some of my own experimentation on my blog (got into some interesting discussion on various alternatives etc. in the comments section)

Hope that's of some use.

Happy baking!