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Video: Stretch and Fold Technique from Peter Reinhart

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Video: Stretch and Fold Technique from Peter Reinhart

Not sure if this video has been posted or not.  Great technique from Reinhart:



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Looks like this video and a few others are in preparation for his new book, Artisan Bread Every Day, which will be released in October.  The videos are nicely done, except that it would be nice to see the finished product.


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I'm am new to posting but have been visiting the site for months. I am trying to bake sourdough whole wheat with buttermilk and am working with a wet dough. Should I try the Peter Reinhart four fold method? Any other suggestions? Thanks...I love this site.


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in pretty much any recipe that would otherwise need kneading. Except maybe bagels, I can't imagine that extremely stiff dough stretches well, I still knead that.

So during the first bulk ferment of most any dough, after you've got the ingredients well mixed, do three or four S&Fs instead.

And note it's not a "Peter Reinhart" method, just a method which he and many others use.