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How to prevent wheat weevil?

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How to prevent wheat weevil?

Hi all,

I have 50 pounds of wheat that is being stored in a plastic container with tight lid.

Do I need to put some garlic or something else inside the container

to prevent the wheat weevil?

Thank you!

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I put a pound of dry ice in the bottom. Leave the lid on loosly until it vaperizes. Then seal the bucket.

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In the navy we would place bugged flour in the freezer.  The bugs would congrgate in the center of the flour to ''keep warm''.  Reach in and remove the lump of bugs.  or or or If in a hurry to use MAKE RAISIN BREAD.

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I put several bay leaves fresh or dried in the top and bottom of the container that I store my flour. 


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If possible put the grains in freezing conditions for 72 hours to kill any invaders that might be present and then store with bay leaves.



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Freezing is great for killing the bugs and eggs.  The time you need to freeze is dependent on the temprature.  I just leave mine in a freezor.  Dry Ice is another way to kill the bugs and their eggs.  I forget how long the wheat needs to be store in Dry Ice/CO2 to kill the bugs and their eggs.

beeman1 a pound of Dry Ice seems like way over kill but you know for sure you have enough.

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We put bay leaves in our cupboards, pantry, and every container of flour, and haven't had a single buggy moth problem.  We even put them (bay leaves, not bugs) in open boxes of cereal and pasta.  They work!

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You all gave me some valuable methods.

Thank you so much ^_^

For grinding, I can't wash the wheat though there are some bug egg or their excrement

attached on the wheat.

So I need to care it much.


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What do weevil eggs look like? I always clean my grains before I run them though the mill.  I've found corn, peas, lentils, grass seed, wheat husks, but nothing that looks like an egg or any type.  Does anyone know what a weevil egg looks like?

I don't know what I was thinking, I searched the net and found this:

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and their do you get them out of your grain? or do I want to know the answer?!!


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The eggs are laid inside of the wheat berry. One way to tell if your grain has eggs is to put a cup of seeds in some water. Berries that float are most likely infested.

I also saw that heat the wheat for 5 minutes in a microwave will kill them.

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If there's an infestation of any sort of grain, and you don't actually see the weavil, you'll see tiny strings of eggs, almost like very fine threads, in the bag or box.  I've found them in cornmeal, for instance, and even in baking chocolate, but not since I've been putting bay leaves everywhere.