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Would you like to take this F1 racer for a spin?

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Would you like to take this F1 racer for a spin?

The chefs at the Royal Plaza on Scotts put together this F1 racing car made of bread. This is in time for the F1 night races in Singapore this September.





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thats alot of bread!!!!

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Two of my son's favorite things: breads and race cars.  This would be his dreams come true!  LOL

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Looks nice, but way too much understeer for Monaco.

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Mini Oven

Show me a crumb shot!

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Now that's a 'Bread Machine'!

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Ok, we've had our fun. Now, who thinks that's actually a criminal a waste of bread, even in a wealthy country like Singapore?


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My apologies if I did not give the context of my posting. This was part of an effort to generate funds for worthwhile causes.

Kindly read the full story here:


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The competition requires you to guess the weight of flour. we have this information:

The car, which is made of 1,000 loaves of bread, is moulded from the following ingredients: about 14 litres of water, 15kg of yeast, 2kg of salt, 10.8 litres of food varnish and an undisclosed amount of flour.

So, working backwards, and assuming 65% hydration, based on 14 litres of water that would be about 21 kg of flour. For 1000 loaves? Not possible.

How about using the 2 kg of salt, and hoping that the chefs were not intending to make that high salt fake Play-Doh? That suggests 100 kg of flour. Getting there, I think.

But maybe they used only 1% salt. That would be 200 kg of flour. And that's my final answer.


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Wow! That's an impressive work of art. That surely take a lot of bread. I hope I could see it in person and check out the different types of bread they put on it. That really took a lot of effort to make the wheel axle assembly and body structure of the F1. Truly an impressive work. Great job guys!

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That would be sooo much fun, but what would we do with our oops loaves.  Did you see how symmetrical all those loaves were???  Pam