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bakers %

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bakers %

i want to make a 12 oz dough at 65%. what is the formula? Thanks Patrick

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I did a search an found,, Patrick

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No one can answer your question unless you give the bakers % for all ingredients, not just the hydration level. Even the simplest bread contains yeast and salt (in addition to flour and water), so unless you're making a biga type preferment (for use as a portion of the final dough) we need more information.

As I'm sure you know, at a hydration of 65%, the baker's % for your flour(s) is 100% and for your water is 65%.

For a simple bread, the bakers % for salt is typically about  2%

Assuming you're using instant dry yeast (IDY) - not sourdough - the baker's % for IDY in the final dough typically has a range of .4% to .7% (note the "dot" in the percent!).

If your formula calls for a preferment (biga, pate fermentee or poolish), the baker's % for the preferment ingredients are added to the baker's % for additional ingredients to yeild the baker's % for the final dough. You need to know what percent of the final dough is contributed by your preferment.

Once you have the bakers % for all ingredients, given a desired weight of dough, calculate the conversion factor. The conversion factor is the desired prebaking dough weight divided by the sum of the baker's percentages.

To get the desired weight for each ingredient, multiply the baker's % for that ingredient by the conversion factor.

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For all practical purposes you can ignore the salt and yeast in the calculation though you do have to add them.

All you need do to get "close" is divide the amount of dough by 1 plus the desired baker's percentage (as a decimal). Thus for 12 ounces of dough at BP 65 you would divide 12 by 1.65 and get 7.27 ounces. So you need 7.27 ounces of flour and 4.73 of water in the final dough. The dough will also include .15 ounces of salt (2 percent) and about .036 ounces of yeast (5 percent). Since many baker's scales aren't that accurate the roundoff error is trivial (you wind up with 12.19 ounces of dough instead of 12!)

To finish your recipe, .15 ounces of salt is .25 Tablespoons or about 3/4 of a teaspoon. The yeast equates to about 1/3 teaspoon of yeast.

Those are the amounts you want in the final dough. If you use preferments you have to subtract the amount of flour and water in the preferment from the final to calculate what the final additions are - as suggested above.

Good luck!


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Just multiply the weight of flour by .65 for the water .02 for the salt and yeast

12oz F x .65 = 7.8oz Water

12oz F x .02 = .24oz salt and yeast

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12 oz of flour + 7.8 oz of water yields almost 20 oz of dough. ;-)

The "formula", where X= weight of flour, is X + .65X=12.

Solve for X and you get X= 7.3.

So it's 7.3 oz flour and 4.7 oz (7.3x.65) water = 12 oz. (I ignored the salt and yeast, since their weight is so small.)