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Good reasons to bake your own bread instead of using prepared mixes and kits

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Good reasons to bake your own bread instead of using prepared mixes and kits

A day or three ago I read a message from someone who asked, very reasonably, why make bread from scratch when it's possible to turn out bread from prepared mixes at  lower cost and which rise every time. They're good questions and they're ones we may all have asked at some previous time.

 My reasons are that I can now make bread with a better taste and texture doing it from scratch. My loaves stay fresh (this is Tuesday evening and I've just eaten some of the bread I made last Thursday morning) and have a great taste. But, more than that, I'm persuaded that modern "factory Bread" is not something I want to eat or to dose my family with. (I include pre-packed mixes in that exclusion.)

I encourage anyone interested in this topic to go to and for two articles which, although based on the views and research of one highly successful baker, are sufficiently different that it's worth reading and printing out both of them.

I'm sorry to have misplaced the original post but hope the poster may come across this reply.



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   Whether people are here because they like to make bread, or for a healthier way of living, they all come away better off. Every loaf we make and eat is better than the store stuff health wise, and it taste great too. Sounds like a win/win situation.

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Shiny Cooking

I was floored when I began baking my own whole wheat bread. Wrapped securely in plastic wrap, it keeps for a week! That includes being taken out at least once a day to cut slices off.

I've left butt ends, wrapped in plastic, out for weeks, just to dry out or because I forgot to toss them. I've never seen a spot of mold on those, either.

Whereas with store bought, if it's not used in 3 days, it begins to mold. Maybe I just bought old bread though. :p