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Happily, my starter survived my vacation

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Happily, my starter survived my vacation

Well, I'm back from 3 weeks of fishing and cruising the BC coast with my wife and grand daughter. I had planned on taking my SD starter (Bob) with me for waffles and pancakes, but he ended up being one of the few things that I forgot to load into the cooler. So lonely Bob spent 3 weeks at home in the fridge. When we got home last night I took him out and fed him. He was full of bubbles, rose nicely and was smelling great this morning. I had a great vacation, but that nagging feeling of having to start over with my starter bothered me. So now I have enjoyed my time away and have a healthy starter. Thankfully starters are as resilient as everyone says they are. Dave

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Yay for you.  It must be a relief to see that your starter is doing well.  I know how you feel.  My started went to sleep right before I left for my vacation (only 9 days) so I had no choice but to bring it with me.  Took me two days to wake it up and I even baked a few loaves away from home.  I have just returned home today and I am glad that I can take care of it the usual way.  Can't wait to bake a loaf tomorrow to smell up the kitchen again.  :-)