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Favorite 'go-to' recipe?

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Favorite 'go-to' recipe?

Afternoon all!

I'm getting ready for tomorrow's baking day and I was wondering what everyone's favorite go-to recipe was. I think I've found the one for me, but I'm always up to try something new!

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Susan's sd is great and pretty easy. Thanks Susan. Patrick from modesto

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Whole Wheat Multigrain from Hamelman's "Bread".

Quite foolproof.   Very tasty.   Lots of goodness, without being too heavy.  Can be baked in various shapes, including loaf pans for each of making sandwiches.

Everyone in my family, down to the 3 year old, finds this their favorite!




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Hi Lemming, if you look for Susan's sourdough in the search area and look for the version I posted on June 25th 2008, you will find the easiest and most reliable recipe I have ever tried. Definitely my "go to" recipe! A.

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I second Annie's choice!


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I make it every week and it's such a massive amount of dough, that I get at least 2 good-sized loaves of cinnamon swirl raisin bread, and up to 2 dozen rolls out of one batch.  I've been experimenting with it, though, making coffee cakes and cinnamon buns, and I'm now leaning toward making cheese buns with the same dough.

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Please tell me I can find the recipe here! :)

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Basic hearth bread. Good flavor, dough is easy to work with, bread is good for everything from a side to sandwiches. 

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Pointe-a-calliere miche from Hamelman. Make it into 2, 3, or 4 smaller loaves if you don't want the big honker. And I make it with Golden Buffalo flour. It tastes great and stays moist for a long time.