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Baker's Internship - the fall season

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Baker's Internship - the fall season

Hello TFLers,
It's me again, poking my head out of the bakery again, just long enough to see if there's anyone out there interested in becoming a baking intern this fall. I need some of you skilled bakers to help out with the daily baking duties as things are quite busy here and my helper (that would also be my wife) is returning back to work after a short 'summer vacation'.  Those duties will include all aspects of the bread and pastry baking process including mixing, stretch and folding, shaping, baking, packaging, and all of that other fun stuff like egg washing and selling too.  This is definitely a hands on session, and not a 'watch Mark as he works' type-of-vacation.  I'll be looking for individuals to work one week intervals for each week from the last week of August through September.
In one week we'll have 2 different farmers' markets to work at, plus the daily accounts and prep each day.  It's tough work, but I'm quite sure you'll return home with some new ideas for your home baking, plus some polished baking skills too. These are the dates available:

    Session #1: Aug. 23rd – Aug. 30th
    Session #2: Aug. 30th – Sept. 6th
    Session #3: Sept. 6th- 13th
    Session #4: Sept. 13th – 20th
    Session #5: Sept. 20th – 27th
    Session #6: Sept. 27th – Oct. 4th

If you're interested, you can read a little about our June internship with Thomas here.  If you'd like more info about the fall internships, download this PDF, ask some questions here, or I'd be happy to answer your individual questions via email at the bakery.  Thanks a bunch and I look forward to hearing from you!

Edit Aug. 5:  As of today, Session #2, Session #4 (possibly), and Session #6 are filled.  If interested in one of the remaining time periods, contact me soon after you read the above PDF.  Thanks.


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Sounds like everything is going well for you, that's wonderful!

Wish I could afford to be footloose and fancy free.



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Wish you could afford to be footloose and fancy free too. Last week marked the bakery's official one-year anniversary, and I think things are just busy enough considering the economy and all.  I'm going to give a little blog update later today for our 'first-year-recap'.