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what do the following terms mean?

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what do the following terms mean?

i went through a lot of recepies,

i find some words like sponge, poolish and sourdough being repeated quite often will some one enlighten me on the meaning  of these words and the purpose it serves,



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 The following link has some baking definitions that you may find helpful.  I imagine if you do a search on this site, you will be able to see pictures of breads made with some of these various starters.

I love sourdough pancakes!  I used this site to make my first ones.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

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Some of those terms are defined in the baking glossary here.

I don't think sourdough is defined there.  Sourdough refers to a style of bread made with a wild yeast culture rather than commercial yeast.  My getting started with sourdough article covers the basic concepts, though SourdoLady's starter is the most popular starter recipe on the site.  If you are actually going to try it, I would use her approach.