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Whole Wheat Sourdough Ciabatta

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Whole Wheat Sourdough Ciabatta

My first post :)

Hello all! First a little personal background.  I've been baking on and off for about 5 years, picked up BBA about a month ago, and I am now completely obsessed :)  While my wife definately enjoys the bread I've been making, I think this forum is the best place to share thoughts about this obsessive passion.

So, I'd love to share a recipe I just baked; inspired by the BBA pain a l'ancienne and poolish ciabatta, as well as ideas gleaned from this site.  Basically, I used my whole wheat sourdough starter as the poolish in the BBA ciabatta recipe, upped the water a bit, and treated the dough like the pain a l'ancienne dough.

22.75 oz Recently refreshed whole wheat sourdough barm (poolish consistency, straight from fridge)

13.5 oz KAF organic AP

.44 oz salt

9.5 oz cold water

Mix all ingredients in bowl with hands acting as a dough hook for 6 minutes (very wet, clears sides stickes to bottom)

Refrigerate overnight

Ferment room temp (which was warm today) for approx 4 hours, about doubled

Shape into 3 slippers, proof for 40 minutes

Bake hearth style for 25 minutes


I really mutilated the loaves going into the oven, and used a spatula to pull them straight on the baking stone.  To my surprise they sprung up real quick and nice.

Three loaves was a bit much for my stone and the loaves on the ends got a little char, but still quite edible :)

I think I was most pleased with the openness of the crumb considering the percentage of whole wheat, though the nutty flavor and mild sour character are equally satisfying :)

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That looks great, like you said, with that much ww.  I'm impressed that it was all sourdough as well, no commercial yeast.  I'll have to give this one a try too.


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I've been amazed at the rising power of this sourdough starter.  It's still pretty young, less than a month old.  I followed the BBA method, and try to feed it the day before I use it.  I've made a few starters before and they would take forever to get any lift. This one works like a dream :)

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Brewninja, thanks for the great post! Can't wait to try.

Can you clarify "recently refreshed" for me? I'm a bit of a baking noob.

Thanks again