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I broke my gluten and I can't get up

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I broke my gluten and I can't get up

I was baking my Breakfast Bread recipe (WW,fruit,nuts,spices,sourdough)and I put it in an oiled bowl, in my oven, to do a first rise. The oven was cold so I thought I'd turn it on "warm" (it's electric) for just a few minutes and then turn it off to let the dough rise in a warm place. I was promptly called away by an urgent family matter. OH,NO,MY DOUGH!! 2 hours later-the dough was risen and HOT. (The oven gets to about 200F on warm.) I dumped the dough onto my granite counter, and tried to start spreading it out thinner so it would cool faster. Well, when I grabbed the edges to stretch it apart, this lovely-looking, fragrant dough pulled apart and the edges looked like a handful of hair! I think I had a great gluten structure to start and the heat killed the yeasties and left the beasties (protease producers) behind.It had not gone to the slimy mass of wet dough stage-I caught it just before that.It had risen, the dough was well aerated and it had been covered so it wasn't dry. It still looked good-except the hairy part..

I did not have it in my heart to dump this fragrant,wonderful-looking and still somewhat fluffy dough.So, even though I knew I'd not get any rise,I gently and carefully cut it into portions to fit into loaf pans, panned with only a light tucking and immediately put them into a cold (or slightly warm :) ) oven and baked them up.

They actually taste pretty good.They are dense but not bricks.There was a little rise left in them.Very little! I froze 2 of the loaves and we ate 2 already.It makes a great toast. I think if I had caught it later in this process, I would have had to dump it or made a LOT of pancakes.

Sorry the pic is so blurry-just the second time I've done a picture and I still don't have it all figured out yet.But you can see the difference between what it should be and what I got.

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The bread looks good. Hope your family is OK.

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What's the recipe?