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Scali, third time

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Scali, third time

My third Scali

I'm adding this to my blog. It's also in Sylvia's post for Scali bread.

 I'm very happy with this bread. Yesterday I made a double batch and made 7 rolls and one braid. I didn't take a photo of the braid but the rolls are shown below. They were delicious with that stretchy pull apart crumb that I like in Italian breads. To make yesterdays batch I made the starter as given in the KAF recipe very early in the morning, let it sit 7 hours, mixed the dough, let it rise 90 min., deflated it and put it in the fridge overnight. In the morning it was risen about half way, I divided it, let it rest for an hour then shaped, let rise and baked. The flavor was delicious in the rolls and like I said a nice stretchy holey crumb. I didn't taste the braid, it was a gift. I did not make the strips 24" long like the recipe called for. I only made them about 17". The loaf was much higher and I liked it that way.


Last night I made up another starter and today made the recipe as written but made batons instead of the braid and used poppy seeds because I had used up all my sesame seeds. It probably can't be called a Scali anymore :o)  I was surprised with the high rise of todays loaves. They were a good 3 1/2"-3 3/4". Todays bread tastes very good but not as delicious as yesterdays and I'm wondering if it's because today I used the dry milk called for instead of using the whole milk I used yesterday or because the dough for the rolls was retarded overnight. Still very good but not quite up to the other. Todays crumb is not as open either.


Anyway, thanks again for introducing us to this KAF recipe. It's become a favorite. Wish I had some of that cherry jam! A friend gave me 5 lbs of the huge dark sweet cherries. I couldn't get out to her place to get them right away so she froze them for me. Do you think I could still make cherry jam with them?



The rolls shown below were made with the Scali dough


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Hi, Weaverhouse!  I just love this bread and it gets made pretty regular around here.  I think who ever received it as a gift from you must be a very happy person..your loaves and buns are has such a lovely crumb and crust too!  I like putting some poppy seeds on to..but really prefer the nutty taste the sesame seeds add..any way even plain is good!  I think the shorter braid also makes a much nicer loaf too...I'm going to make some torpedo rolls this week for sandwiches..I'am so glad you enjoy this bread as much as I do.  I don't know why but I think when I use the KingArthur powder milk or even regular powder milk..there is more flavor..but I guess that is just me..but the KingArthur Powder milk is different from store bought powdered milk .. it doesn't need to be scorched first and makes better bread..I've just recently purchased some and use it all the time now.  The Biga Naturale is great to use in this recipe and you might even like it better.

I found out that I did not care for the dough retarded overnight and the crumb was not as light and feathery 'I don't think Scali is supposed to have a very open crumb as it is to have a light feathery looking crumb'  and the loaf with the retarded dough did not get as large and light..I think if I ever retard overnight again it will be with a pre-shape! can see the two different results side by side in my blog..the one loaf is much larger.

I still have cherries in my refrigerator..they keep very nicely for a short time..but frozen should be great least they say in recipes you can make jam with frozen fruits..but I have never done it!  You can also just pit them and hot water bath can them in a sugar syrup...they are pretty hard to mess up...I made a couple of batches the jam is so tasty!  I wear some of those latex'll be glad you did .. I sit on a stool next to the counter with a towel over my lap and apron on to pit the cherries.


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Nice loaves, weavershouse. I love the idea of poppy seeds.